What’s a Phantom Poodle?

Well, that designation refers to a unique color style that has become very popular throughout the breed. In fact, the phantom color variety is an offshoot from the brindle (or sable) color.

If your poodle is a “phantom,“ that basically means he/she will be two-tone. As a young puppy, he will have lighter markings on his feet, muzzle, eyebrows, and at the tops of his front legs. As he gets older, the black will gradually turn to Silver (or grey) and over time, the silver and lighter markings will start to blend together. Basically, the two colors will blend as a seamless gradient, creating a very attractive, distinctive style. Phantoms can occur in blacks, chocolates, reds and silvers. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or text: 254-829-9726

These are all phantoms, with one black and white parti color. They are ten weeks old and really becoming sweet as they receive regular socialization with your kiddos.