What’s a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are one of a handful of breeds right now ascending to popularity at a surprising rate. There are many reasons for this popularity — their adorably cute looks, their exceptional intelligence and amiability, as well as the fact that (due to the Poodle genes) their hair and coat can often be less problematic to people with dog allergies.

The first intentional breeding of goldendoodles in America was done by Monica Dickens in the late 1960s. From the start, this breed was identified as being uniquely suited as a guide dog. The Poodle and Golden Retrievers are listed as # 2. and 3. most intelligent breeds. The Goldendoodles combines this intelligence to produce a remarkable dog with personality, trainability and a soft nature appropriate for young children, the elderly, or those with disabilities.


The coloration of a Goldendoodle depends entirely on the hue and markings of its parents. Often the pups will be a light apricot, strawberry blonde color, not dissimilar to a Goldens Retriever’s hue. However, other exciting color combinations also exist. The phantom and parti coloration that is increasingly popular among the poodle, is also showing up in the Goldendoodles.

This allows for a very striking, unique coloration. The “phantom” is a carryover from the poodle line and simply means that the puppy will develop a two-tone gradient. The adult dog will often be darker on the back and shoulders, fading to a lighter color on the muzzle, forelegs and feet. This means Goldendoodles can show up as predominately charcoal, fading to silver, or black, fading to tan, or many other beautiful, striking combinations, including black-and-white, etc..

Yet, no matter the color combination you choose, the same intelligent, amiable personality is present throughout the breed. There is a reason these dogs have left their mark in popular culture and all the way to the White House. Their smart and endearing disposition, along with “teddy bear” looks, make them more than a conversation piece, —but a permanent part of a loving family.

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