Pups Ready in April!

3.5 weeks old! These parti, phantom and black Standard Poodle puppies are just beautiful! $2200

17 thoughts on “Pups Ready in April!

    1. Yes, though we have deposits on some puppies from this litter, they are only just under seven weeks old now and won’t be ready for their new homes for another week and a half. We still have males and females available.

  1. Are there any females still available. I’m buying this as gift for husband. He has always had a dog to follow him around. He’s finally recovered from lose of Alex his chocolate lab2 yrs ago and ready for another companion. We are elderly and were told this breed was good choice. We travel a lot by car. We’re fairly active. Nothing strenuous. Is this lifestyle compatible with breed. She would be part of our family and go where we go.

    1. Hello, ma’am! Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry to say, all of our pups have already been placed in new homes. That being said, I would tend to think that the poodle would make a suitable companion for you and your husband. Obviously, so much of the success of any dog is in its training, but our poodles have just been wonderful. I wish you good luck on finding a new dog.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your interest in these dogs. I’m sorry to say, we’ve already placed all our pups with their new homes. We wish you success in finding your next Poddle puppy.

    1. Thank you for reaching out. We don’t presently have goldendoodles available. However, we have two beautiful litters of Standard Poodles— black, phantom and parti.

  2. Do you have any older standards or golden doodles
    Available. We currently have a 9 year old standard I adopted when he was 3 from a breeder. He needed a lot of socializing and has turned out to be the most loyal dog I have had. He had a companion but we lost her to Addison’s disease a few years ago.

    1. Kathryn, we don’t have any adult poodles available right now. However, we do offer training. So if you’d like to select a puppy, and purchase the training package, he would then be ready at five-months-old.

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